Example Home

David and Jenny have a 4 bedroom country house and like to enjoy all modern conveniences. They have a. typical mid-sized solar system of 3kW solar panels, 3kW inverter and 600Ah batteries. This runs all their modest needs well but they would like more comforts without spending a fortune, A dishwasher and air conditioning would be nice. Perhaps an electric kettle too. It would be great to have these things without juggling power use. They already have a swimming pool, washing machine, water pump  and TV's, computers and so on. How can it all fit together?

Some things just need to run whenever there is spare power available, timing isn't critical. Other things can't wait, like that cup of coffee or the microwaved food, you want it now.

SolarBoss works with Smart Sockets. These connect via WiFi to the controller and can be switched on and off automatically depending on the spare power available. SolarBoss knows how much power you have at any moment and which appliances are using it. You want to switch the kettle or coffee machine on? SolarBoss knows that the washing machine and swimming pool pump are running so it 'pauses' them for the few minutes needed and then carries on, totally automatically. It's surprising how many appliances can be paused for a while to allow others to run. Such as:

Washing Machine


Swimming Pool

Air Conditioning

Fridge Freezer


Well Pump and Water Transfer Pumps

Want to run NOW.!


Coffee Machine


Hair Dryer

Power Tools

You can see how it fits together. SolarBoss knows what can be paused to satisfy te NOW! things. Without any intervention, SolarBoss controls the load for you.

SoarBoss knows how much power is available on sunny days and cloudy days. It can avoid excessive loads in poor weather. It will not pump the pool or put the Air Con if the power isn't there. You still get control of course, through your phone you can switch things manually and also using the button on the Smart Sockets.