Installing and Setting Up

Setting up SolarBoss isn't difficult. These are the steps.

Before even ordering, make a list of the appliances you want SolarBoss to control. This doesn't have to be everything. Lights and small items can be ignored. Count up and order the required items. Check your WiFi signal. All the SolarBoss Smart Sockets and the controller need to connect to the WiFi. You can use your phone to check the signal level around the house and especially near your batteries and inverter, which may be away from the house. If the signal is poor then there are solutions. A WiFi repeater or a better home router can help. There is an optional high sensitivity aerial for the controller too.

When SolarBoss arrives, unpack the controller and decide where to place it. It needs a connection to the solar battery and to clip-on to the mains power coming out of the inverter. It's often easiest to make both these connections at the inverter. Temporarily place the controller near it's desired location to check the WiFi signal. Using a SmartPhone or laptop, look for the SolarBoss Wifi network that the controller has created. Connect to this, there's no password at this stage and you will see this webpage.

Initial Setup Page

The controller will display all the other WiFi networks it can see. Hopefully yours is one of them! Select your network and enter your password. Alternatively, if your router has a 'WPS' button for quick connect then press this and select WPS on the webpage.